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Antique 5 Glass

Antique 5 Glass Bottles Apothecary Pharmacy Medicine Herb Bottles Rare Set


Lot Of 10

Lot Of 10 Antique Medicine Bottles Lydia Pinkhams, Liquozone Hire's Sanfords


Antique Medicine Bottle

Antique Medicine Bottle -wagner's Safe Kidney And Liver Cure


Antique Medicine Bottle

Antique Medicine Bottle Paine's Celery Compound -lot Of 2


Antique Medicine Bottle

Antique Medicine Bottle -udolpho Wolfe's - Schiedam - Aromic Schnapps -lot Of 2


Collectible Antique Vintage

Collectible Antique Vintage Upjohn Rare Beautiful Travel Bottle In Lipstick


Antique Chinese Medicine

Antique Chinese Medicine Bottle Assortment Mixed Set Of 8, 2- 4 1/2 Tall


Antique Medicine, Tonic

Antique Medicine, Tonic Bottle With Original 1910's Label And Cork, Dayton Ohio


100+ Antique Elixir

100+ Antique Elixir Drug Apothecarypharmacistmedicinepotionwitchbottle Lot


3 Antique Listerine

3 Antique Listerine Otis Clapp Blue Glass Medicine Apothecary Bottles Lot


Antique Medicine Bottle,

Antique Medicine Bottle, Circa 1830- 1850


Antique Medicine Bottle

Antique Medicine Bottle Gargling Oil Lockport .n.y


Antique Nue Ovo

Antique Nue Ovo Rheumatism Arthritis Quack Medicine Dose Glass Cup Vtg Pryoglaze


Antique/vintage Medicine Bottles-

Antique/vintage Medicine Bottles- Lot Of 5 Aqua And Clear


Vintage/antique John Wyeth

Vintage/antique John Wyeth Cobalt Blue 1899 Medicine Bottle With Dosage Cap-nice


Antique Apothecary Drug

Antique Apothecary Drug Store Medicine Medical Pharmacy Glass Bottle Jar


Awesome Antique

Awesome Antique Creomulsion Medicine Bottle For Coughs Due To Colds


Antique Medicine Emb.

Antique Medicine Emb. Hall's Balsam For The Lungs Sparkler


Antique Embossed Amber

Antique Embossed Amber Glass Bottle The Maltine Mfg. Co. Pharmacists New York


Antique G.w. Merchant

Antique G.w. Merchant Chemist Lockport Ny Glass Medicine Bottle


Western Jamaica Ginger,

Western Jamaica Ginger, E.g. Lyons, San Francisco, Cal Hinge Mold


Applied Top Embossed

Applied Top Embossed Aqua Bottle Dr D Jayne's Expectorant Medicine Antique C1900


Rare Antique Bottle

Rare Antique Bottle Schweppes Ginger Beer Pottery Stoneware Soda


Antique Medicine Bottles-

Antique Medicine Bottles- Lot Of 6


Antique Aqua Medicine

Antique Aqua Medicine Bottle R. Matchett's Liniment Blown In Mold Applied Top 5


Rare Antique Medicine

Rare Antique Medicine Emb. Extract Of Smart Weed Dr.pierce


Antique Brown Glass

Antique Brown Glass Medicine Poison Bottle C.f. Harvey Co. Paper Label Cork 11


Antique Late 1800's

Antique Late 1800's Munyon's Germicide Solution & Wyeth Brother Medicine Bottles


Antique Pill/medicine Bottles-

Antique Pill/medicine Bottles- Lot Of 7


Vintage/antique Pharmacy Bottles

Vintage/antique Pharmacy Bottles Over 70 Years Old 46 Bottles


Small Antique

Small Antique Medicine Liquor Bottle Un-earthed From My Yard Glassware


Giant Quack Medicine

Giant Quack Medicine Bottle, Bristol's Genuine Sarsaparilla, New York


Old Antique Vtg

Old Antique Vtg Original Medical Medicine Cure Aqua Amber Color Glass Bottle Lot


Antique Thomas Drug

Antique Thomas Drug Sacramento Ca Quack Medicine Bottle Gonorrhea, Gleet Inject


Antique Pharmacy Bottle

Antique Pharmacy Bottle - Excellent Condition Large 32 Ounce / Fast Free Ship


Lot Of 3

Lot Of 3 Antique Dr Kilmer's Swamp Root Medicine Bottles 1 Is Sample Kidney Cure


Musterole Compound Milk

Musterole Compound Milk Glass Medicine Jar 1940s Small 1 Oz Medicine Bottle


Antique Iowa Medicine

Antique Iowa Medicine Bottle


Old Vintage Glass

Old Vintage Glass Medicine 7 Bottles Pharmaceutical Apothecary Jar Lot Antique L


Antique Medicine Medical

Antique Medicine Medical Pharmacy, Apothecary Chemist Bottle Clear Glass


Rare Antique Johnson

Rare Antique Johnson & Johnson 1900 Gauze Jar With Labels + Correct Lid


Germany Medicine Medical

Germany Medicine Medical Pharmacy, Apothecary Chemist Bottle Antique2


Antique Mcmunn's Elixir

Antique Mcmunn's Elixir Of Opium Medicine Bottle Bimal Free Shipping


Wm Radam's Microbe

Wm Radam's Microbe Killer Cures All Diseases Man Clubing Skeleton Pat.1887


Antique Medicine Medical

Antique Medicine Medical Pharmacy, Apothecary Chemist Bottle Amber Glass


Antique Medicine Or

Antique Medicine Or Parfume Pharmacy, Apothecarybottle Phoenix Usa Made


Consumption Cure Piso

Consumption Cure Piso Hazeltine & Co Bottle Antique Quack Medicine Pills Inside


Ayers Cherry Pectoral

Ayers Cherry Pectoral Lowell Mass Handtooled Antique Medicine


Dr Weavers Cerate

Dr Weavers Cerate Collectible Aqua Glass Antique Medicine Bottle


Lot Of 10

Lot Of 10 Antique Medicine Bottles Atwoods Bitters ,hood's Sarsaparilla


Antique Lactopeptine Cobalt

Antique Lactopeptine Cobalt Blue Medicine Bottle Bimal Rectangular Ca.late 1800s


Antique Medicine Bottle,

Antique Medicine Bottle, E. Hartshorn & Son


Antique Koenic Med

Antique Koenic Med Co Chicago Potion Elixir Apothecary Drug Medicine Bottle


Lot Of 11

Lot Of 11 Antique Medicine Bottles Dr Downs , Henry Wampole Goff's No Dope Cough


Lot Of 11

Lot Of 11 Antique Medicine Bottles Dr Hubbards Pierce,kinsman ,scotts Emulsion


Huge Lot

Huge Lot Vintage Advertising Apothecary Bottles Medicine Boxes Antique


Mrs Winslows Soothing

Mrs Winslows Soothing Syrup Op Collectible Antique Aqua Glass Medicine Bottle


Antique Amber Dr.

Antique Amber Dr. Harter's Iron Tonic Medicine Cork Top Bottle


Rare Square Antique

Rare Square Antique Owl Drug Co. Bottle W/embossed Pic. Owl, San Francisco


Vintage Brown Medicine

Vintage Brown Medicine Bottle, Old, Embossed Numbers, 1845, 50-500 Mils Antique


Antique Aqua Medicine

Antique Aqua Medicine Bottle Frey's Vermifuge C1900 Applied Top Wormer Baltimore


Antique Poison Amber

Antique Poison Amber Glass Medicine Bottle F.s.& Co.


Antique Vintage Apothecary

Antique Vintage Apothecary Bottle Poison Advertising Display


Antique The Barker

Antique The Barker Moore & Mein Medicine Company Drug Potion Pharmacy Bottle


Antique Original Medicine

Antique Original Medicine Cure Glass Vintage Bottle Lot Of 8 Cork Bottles


Old, Antique Medicine

Old, Antique Medicine Medical Pharmacy, Chemist Apothecary Bottle Bovril


Antique Pharmacy Druggist

Antique Pharmacy Druggist Elixir Bottle Lot


Pond's Extract 1846a

Pond's Extract 1846a Antique Medicine Bottle Pharmacy Apothecary


Valerian Tincture Antique

Valerian Tincture Antique Apothecary Pharmacy Drugstore Amber Glass 500cc Bottle


Antique Blue Cobalt

Antique Blue Cobalt Ink Bottles Hand Blown Into Molds


Antique Early 1900's

Antique Early 1900's Blud-life The Great Anti-toxic Tonic Medicine Bottle


Antique Small Medicine

Antique Small Medicine Bottle W.a. Leslie Prescription Druggist Free Shipping


6 Vintage Nos

6 Vintage Nos Pharmacy Apothecary Brown Medicine Bottle Lot Pint Size Bakelite


Old Antique Cork

Old Antique Cork Top Rare Yellow Aqua Amber Color Glass Vtg Medicine Bottle Lot


Lot Of Eight

Lot Of Eight 8 Assorted Vintage Antique Medicine Bottles - Some Uncleaned


Rare Antique Solution

Rare Antique Solution Citrate Magnesia Glas Bottl Metal Bale German Ceramic


Antique Lot Of

Antique Lot Of 4 Medicine Bottles, Clear, Aqua Bue Color, Wtc, Carbona, Castoria


Antique Pharmacy Druggist

Antique Pharmacy Druggist Amber Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle Porcelain Stopper


Antique Embossed

Antique Embossed Atwood's Jaundice Bitters Medicine Bottle Georgetown, Mass


1800's J.e. Jackson

1800's J.e. Jackson & Co., Woodbury, Nj Antique Cure Medicine Bottle Apothecary


Antique Vintage Medicine

Antique Vintage Medicine Bottle Medical Sp.terebin. Apothecary Jar


Antique Medicine Bottles-

Antique Medicine Bottles- Lot Of 4 Amethyst, Aqua, And Clear Glass


2 X Antique

2 X Antique French Medicine Measuring Bottles Embossed -1930's Chemist Pharmac


Antique Stearns Gonorrhea

Antique Stearns Gonorrhea Cure Embossed Vial - Thick Amber Glass


Antique Medicine Bottles

Antique Medicine Bottles Dr Jayne Lydia Pinkham


Antique Medicine Bottles

Antique Medicine Bottles Owens Flieschmanns Bayer Asprin


Antique Electric Brand

Antique Electric Brand Laxitive Bottle W/lable


Antique Bottles Lot

Antique Bottles Lot Of 3 Rawleighs Medicine Bottles, Advertising Home Decor


Antique Cobalt Blue

Antique Cobalt Blue Bromo-seltzer Emerson Drug Co. Bottle Apothecary Screw Top


Antique Medicine Bottle Past Prices

Full TitleSelling PriceSold?SoldLocated InTagged As
Cw Era Homeopathic Medicine Kit From F.e. Boericke Pharmacy W 85 Bottles$247.75SOLD11/26/2014Eastlake, OHOther
Vintage Antique Cobalt Blue Medicine Drug Pharmacy Bottle 7" Vgc$0.99SOLD11/26/2014Mundelein, ILMedicine
Antique "lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound- Aqua, 14-1/2 Oz Medicinal Bottle$9.99SOLD11/26/2014Emporium, PAMedicine
Antique Large Medicine Bottles. Green And Aqua. Vintage Home Decor$7.50SOLD11/26/2014Holden, LABottles
Early 1900's Gray's Glycerine Tonic Bottle & Package - Almost Full$3.99SOLD11/26/2014Mansfield Center, CTOther
Antique Bottle: Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup, Anglo American Drug Co$12.00SOLD11/26/2014Berne, INMedicine
Cobalt Blue Medicine Hexagon Bottle Original Paper Label Chemist Medicine Bottle$14.49SOLD11/26/2014Cushing, MNMedicines & Cures, Bottles & Jars
Antique German Medicine Bottle Amber Glass - Original - Mint Condition$5.00SOLD11/26/2014PolandBottles & Jars
Antique Medicine Cures-4 Large Bottles For Drug Stores$26.00SOLD11/26/2014Beaver Island, MIBottles & Jars
Antique Veterinary Embossed Bottle Tin Lid Vintage Vet Gombaults Horse Medicine$9.99SOLD11/26/2014Harlan, IATins
Antique Veterinary Box N/ Tin Vintage Vet Medicine Dr Lesures Colic Drops Bottle$9.99SOLD11/26/2014Harlan, IATins
Lot Of 3 Vintage Old Medicine Glass Bottles With Nice Label$19.99SOLD11/26/2014Morganfield, KYOther
Antique 1886 Duffys Malt Whiskey 10" Rochester Ny Bottle - Sold As 19c Medicine$49.99SOLD11/26/2014Hagerstown, MDLiquor
10 Antique Pinkston Scruggs Tennessee Poison & Medicine Pharmacy Bottles Labels$4.99SOLD11/26/2014TaiwanMedicines & Cures
Antique ~ Eau De Cologne ~ Vintage French Standard Perfumes Company Bottle Label$6.99SOLD11/26/2014TaiwanOther
20 Antique Nebraska Vintage Hartman's Drug Store Pharmacy Medicine Bottle Labels$9.99SOLD11/26/2014TaiwanOther
60=old All Poison Pharmacy Apothecary Medicine Bottle Labels= Nice$12.59SOLD11/26/2014USAOther
71+old Pharmacy-apothecary-medicine Bottle Labels==diff$10.29SOLD11/26/2014USAOther
30= Old Narcotics-apothecary-pharmacy-medicine Bottle Labels-codeine-opium-$9.99SOLD11/26/2014USAOther
Native Remedy Co. Magic Healing Oil, Canton, Ohio. Ca 1880-1910 Antique Medicine$37.09SOLD11/26/2014Brewster, OHMedicines & Cures
Old Sun Purple Country Store Medicine Bottle Dr Peter's Kuriko Pretty Look$17.95SOLD11/26/2014Phillipsburg, MOPrimitives
Antique July 4 1899 Bottle Doctors Apothecary Medicine Bottles Rare Victor L@@k$15.50SOLD11/25/2014Morganton, NCBottles & Jars
2 Antique Cobalt John Wyeth & Brother Dose Dosage Cup A Heaping Dessert Spoonful$9.99SOLD11/25/2014Newman Lake, WAMedicine
Lot Of 10 Antique Medicine Bottles Lydia Pinkhams Dr Pierce's Medical Discovery$34.99SOLD11/25/2014Berlin, NHMedicines & Cures
Primitive Rolled Lip Blown Blue Aqua Glass Medicine Vial Pontil Bottle Antique +$6.95SOLD11/25/2014Farmingdale, MEMedicines & Cures
Old Laudanum Poison Bottle Label Skull Giese Pharmacy Bloomington Il Opium$10.00SOLD11/25/2014Thomasville, NCOther
E. G. Lyons Essence Of Jamaica Ginger. San Francsicso. Antique Medicine Bottle$18.25SOLD11/25/2014Sonora, CAMedicines & Cures
Antique Amber Three Piece Mold Medicine Bottle$3.99SOLD11/25/2014Holden, LAMedicines & Cures
Vintage Antique Embossed Mini Amber Davies Rose & Co. Boston Mass Ma Bottle $9.99SOLD11/25/2014Hamden, CTMedicine
Antique Vtg Purple Glass 6" Tall Thick Neck Bottle Medicine Poison Cure Liquor$8.99SOLD11/25/2014Lindenhurst, NYOther
Antique Dental Item - Decorative Bottle Of White Gold Alloy-early 1900's-vintage$60.00SOLD11/25/2014Punta Gorda, FLOther
Antique Medicine Bottles Ptof.w. H.peeke's Medicine New York $9.39SOLD11/25/2014Bloomingdale, GABottles & Jars, Medicines & Cures
Antique Medicine Cures-4 Large Bottles$9.99SOLD11/25/2014Beaver Island, MIBottles & Jars
Antique Medicine 3 Large Bottles With Contents$22.50SOLD11/25/2014Beaver Island, MIBottles & Jars
An Antique Medicine Poison Bottle In A Fruit Or Box Wooden Case£34.00SOLD11/25/2014United KingdomPharmacy/ Chemist/ Apothecary
Large Chinese19thc Blue White Medicine Bottle $449.00SOLD11/25/2014Los Angeles, CASnuff Bottles
Antique Milk Of Magnesia Bottle Cobalt Blue Phillips Co. W/ Stopper Usa$4.50SOLD11/25/2014Kingston Springs, TNMedicine
Antique Ramons Jar Medicine Display Jar$27.04SOLD11/25/2014Florence, KYMedicine
12+old Pharmacy-apothecary-medicine Bottle Labels==diff$9.29SOLD11/25/2014USAOther
62+old Pharmacy-apothecary-medicine Bottle Labels==diff$7.98SOLD11/25/2014USAOther
75+old Pharmacy-apothecary-medicine Bottle Labels==diff$10.58SOLD11/25/2014USAOther
Union Depot Pharmacy Medicine Bottles Bloomington Il Haering & Giese C. 1905$8.99SOLD11/25/2014Bloomington, ILBottles & Jars
Lot Of 6 Amber Brown Bottles Medicine Apothecary Antique Collector Display Nice $0.99SOLD11/25/2014Scottsburg, VAOther
Antique Cabot's Sulpho Napthol Medicine Mini Brown Apothecary Bottle*boston, Ma$8.75SOLD11/25/2014Moultonborough, NHMedicine
Antique Armour Laboratories Chicago Medicine Mini Brown Apothecary Bottle$4.95SOLD11/25/2014Moultonborough, NHMedicine
Vintage Roche Brown Glass Medicine Bottle Metal Lid Made In Switzerland$24.99SOLD11/25/2014Lancaster, OHBottles & Jars
Large Antique/vintage Medicine Bottle "milk's Emulsion" Nice Collectible!$6.75SOLD11/25/2014Fallston, MDMedicine, Bottles & Jars
52=old All Poison Pharmacy Apothecary Medicine Bottle Labels= Nice$10.89SOLD11/25/2014USAOther
Original Chero Cola Bottle Label! Old Stock, Never Used! $2.99SOLD11/25/2014Newport News, VAQuack Medicine
48+old Pharmacy-apothecary-medicine Bottle Labels==diff$8.59SOLD11/25/2014USAOther