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Mitchters Pot Still

Mitchters Pot Still Whiskey Jug/decanter/bottle W/handle From Pennsylvania


Vintage Mitchell's

Vintage Mitchell's Greybeard Heather Dew Whisky 1 Qt Stoneware Jug Free Ship


Personalized Beer /

Personalized Beer / Whiskey Growler 64 Oz Jug Bottle Groomsman Gift


Vintage Jack Daniel's

Vintage Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey Jug Bottle Stoneware Everyday


Cj Miller Wholesale

Cj Miller Wholesale Liquors Stenciled Adv Whiskey Jug Vicksburg Mississippi


C1900 Stoneware Whiskey

C1900 Stoneware Whiskey Jug 1/2 Gal. - Brown & Mcmullan Scanton,pa.


Ramsay's Superior Scotch

Ramsay's Superior Scotch Malt Whisky Stoneware Jug Handle


Personalized Beer /

Personalized Beer / Whiskey Growler 64 Oz Jug Bottle Groomsman Gift


Vintage Long John

Vintage Long John Scotch Whisky Ceramic Bottle 750ml Empty Jug Bar Country Decor


Chapin & Gore

Chapin & Gore 1867 Bourbon Whiskey Chicago Ill Jug Stoneware Pre Pro Bottle


Pre-pro Roderick Dhu

Pre-pro Roderick Dhu The Jorum Old Highland Whisky Jug Wright & Grieg Ltd.


Jack Daniels Old

Jack Daniels Old No. 7 Whiskey Flat Stoneware Jug Bottle Handle Decanter Cork


Buffet Whiskey A

Buffet Whiskey A Compound Preprohibition Cinci,ohio Stoneware Jug Applied Handle


1 Gallon Cobolt

1 Gallon Cobolt Stoneware King Whisky Jug


Vintage Liquor Whiskey/wine

Vintage Liquor Whiskey/wine Decanter Bottle Jug Clear Glass With Stopper, Handle


Personalized Amber Beer

Personalized Amber Beer / Whiskey Growler 64 Oz Jug Bottle Groomsman Gift


Vintage Old Corn

Vintage Old Corn Whiskey Moonshine Ceramic Stoneware Shoulder Finger Jug


Atlanta Ga J

Atlanta Ga J T Mccollough & Son Liquor Merchants Whiskey Jug Half Gallon


Antique Royal Doulton

Antique Royal Doulton 10 1/4 Whiskey Jug/bottle/decanter


Whisky & Gin

Whisky & Gin Bottle Pictorial Gilbey's Spey-royal Whiskey Jug Pitcher 1930s


Royal Doulton Antique

Royal Doulton Antique Lambethware Jug Bottle Special Highland Whiskey Rd No 4818


Rare Whallen Bros

Rare Whallen Bros Saloon Whiskey Jug - Spring-bank Water Cure - Super Example


Slater Rodger Thistle

Slater Rodger Thistle Blend Whisky Antique Stoneware Bottle Decanter Crock Jug


Vintage Glenmore Whiskey

Vintage Glenmore Whiskey Jug Glass-kentucky-1947-euc-free Ship


Vintage James B.

Vintage James B. Beam Whiskey Ceramic Decanter Jug By Bronte Liqueur Co.


Gilbey's Spey Royal

Gilbey's Spey Royal Doulton Kingsware Watchman Whiskey Whisky Flask Bottle Jug


Vintage Beehive Moonshine,whiskey,cider

Vintage Beehive Moonshine,whiskey,cider Jug,gallon,pour Spout 10 X 8


Rare Old Blue

Rare Old Blue Transferred Whisky Jug


Primitive Handthrown Stoneware

Primitive Handthrown Stoneware Gallon Jug Bottle For Whiskey Corn Liquor Booze


Antique Vintage Scandanavian

Antique Vintage Scandanavian Stoneware Whiskey Distillery Jug Bottle


Vintage Brown

Vintage Brown Glazed Stoneware Bottle - Beer, Wine, Whiskey. Marked 7


Vintage Stoneware Scottish

Vintage Stoneware Scottish Whiskey Bottle Jug - The Greybeard, 1930s


Vintage Henry Mckenna

Vintage Henry Mckenna Kentucky Whiskey Liquor Jug Bottle 4/5 Quart


2 Mccormick Platte

2 Mccormick Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey Moonshine Stoneware Whiskey Jug


Michter's Pot Still

Michter's Pot Still Original Sour Mash Whiskey Miniature Empty Ceramic Jug


Antique Gerz Pottery

Antique Gerz Pottery Germany Ceramic Whiskey Jug Bottle Decanter Circa 1910


1970 Ezra Brooks

1970 Ezra Brooks Whiskey Wine California Grape Decanter Bottle Jug Fresno


Vintage Royal Doulton

Vintage Royal Doulton Art Nouveau Whisky Flagon Flask Bottle Jug Stoneware Blue


Antique Mini Advertising

Antique Mini Advertising Stoneware Ovoid Whisky/sample Jug Bottle Wanamakers


Mccormick Platte Valley

Mccormick Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Stoneware Jug Only


Vintage Stoneware Sanfords

Vintage Stoneware Sanfords Ink Paste Whiskey Style Gallon Jug Blue Cobalt 1900


Rare Stern, Schloss

Rare Stern, Schloss Albuquerque, N. Mex Saloon Whiskey Jug - Super Example


Vintage Glenmore Kentucky

Vintage Glenmore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Glass Jug Bottle Decanter '47


1 Gallon Myers

1 Gallon Myers Pure Fulton Straight Whiskey Jug Covington,ky 1909 Preprohibition


Vintage Henry Mckenna

Vintage Henry Mckenna 4/5 Quart Whiskey Bottle Jug


Liquor Bottle Ceramic

Liquor Bottle Ceramic Monks Whisky Jug Donald Fisher Vintage Edinburgh Uk


Vintage Tullamore Dew

Vintage Tullamore Dew Dublin Ireland Bottle Blended Irish Whiskey Stoneware Jug


Vintage Very Rare

Vintage Very Rare Whisky Bottle Jug Container Ancap Whiskey Uruguay


1/2 Gallon Bail

1/2 Gallon Bail Handled Liqour Jug Beer Whiskey Weils Minneapolis Minnesota


King's Ransom Round

King's Ransom Round The World Vintage Scotch Whiskey Jug-shaped Ceramic Bottle

CAD $74.36

Vtg Demijohn Glass

Vtg Demijohn Glass Bottle Old Woven Wicker Wine/whiskey Jug


Antique Stoneware Jug

Antique Stoneware Jug 5-gallon 18.5 Whisky Scotch Whiskey Bottle Crock W Handle


Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew Uisge Blended Irish Whiskey Stoneware Jug W/ Seal


Minnesota Bottles Jugs

Minnesota Bottles Jugs Advertising Whiskey Medicine 1850-1920 Vol. 2 Soft


Vtg 2 Gooderham

Vtg 2 Gooderham And Worts Limited Little Brown Jug G&w Old Rye Whisky Canada


Jack Daniel's 7

Jack Daniel's 7 Whisky Stoneware Jug 1 Gallon Empty Advertising Bottle


Vintage Mccormick Platte

Vintage Mccormick Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey 1 Pint Ceramic Jug 1966


Vintage 1976 Michter's

Vintage 1976 Michter's Original Pot Still Whiskey 1 Quart Jug Lebanon Co Pa


One Antique Porcelain

One Antique Porcelain Irish Whiskey Dispenser-jug Bottle Crock W/ Orig Spout/lid


Mccormick Platte Valley

Mccormick Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey Moonshine Stoneware Whiskey Jug


King's Ransom Round

King's Ransom Round The World Vintage Scotch Whiskey Jug-shaped Ceramic Bottle


Vintage Old Valley

Vintage Old Valley Whisky Bottle Jug Whiskey Argentina


Ugly Face Head/signed

Ugly Face Head/signed Folk Art Pottery/clay Whiskey Jug/bottle/tongue/teeth


Antique Primitive C.

Antique Primitive C. 1882 Whisky Country Farm House Stoneware Store Jug Bottle


Vtg Whiskey Liquor

Vtg Whiskey Liquor Bottle, Jug Hand Painted Spanish Coat Of Arms, Fleur De Lis


Vintage Mccormick Platte

Vintage Mccormick Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey Little Brown Jug Bottle


Dark Brown Cookie

Dark Brown Cookie Jar Cookie Jug, Whiskey/monshine Design Bottle


Pottery Jug Quart

Pottery Jug Quart Greybeard Heather Dew Whiskey Made In Scotland W/cork Stopper


Long John Scotch

Long John Scotch Whisky Jug / Crock Bottle With Original Stopper - Scotland


1975 Henry Mckenna

1975 Henry Mckenna Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey Half Gallon Crock Jug / Bottle


Henry Mckenna Kentucky

Henry Mckenna Kentucky Whiskey Jug


Vintage 1960 Ye

Vintage 1960 Ye Monk Whisky Jug Ceramic Bottle Donald Fisher Edinburgh Uk


Antique Mccormick Straight

Antique Mccormick Straight Corn Whiskey Jug Liquor Bottle 1/2 Pint Crock 11 D 16


Decanter Jim Beam

Decanter Jim Beam Collectors Whiskey Bottle Jug Music Box


Vtg Gooderham And

Vtg Gooderham And Worts Limited Little Brown Jug G&w Old Rye Whisky Canada 25 Oz


Vintage Rare 1950's

Vintage Rare 1950's White Whiskey Scotch Jug Corked Decanter


1800's Rare 12

1800's Rare 12 Whiskey Bitters Barrel Jug 1890s Blown Bee Hive Bottle


Minnesota Bottles Jugs

Minnesota Bottles Jugs 1850-1920 - Whiskey Druggist Medicine Etc / Book + Values


The Greybeard

The Greybeard Heather Dew Scotch Whisky Stoneware Jug


Ye Monks Scotch

Ye Monks Scotch Whisky Donald Fisher Stoneware Jug Ceramic Scotland Edinburgh


Minnesota Bottles Jugs

Minnesota Bottles Jugs Advertising Whiskey Medicine 1850-1920 Vol. 2 Hard


Vintage Stoneware Moonshinewhiskeycider

Vintage Stoneware Moonshinewhiskeycider Juggallonpour Spoutnice


1978 Mccormick

1978 Mccormick Usa Platte Valley 1/2 Pint Corn Whiskey Jug Liquor Bottle B


Spring Stamp '61

Spring Stamp '61 Brown Cream Whiskey Jug Crock Coat Of Arms Cork Lid


Glass Personalized Growlers

Glass Personalized Growlers Wine Whiskey Moonshine Beer Free Ship Jugs Bottle


Vintage Glass Decanter

Vintage Glass Decanter Liquor Whiskey Bourbon Wine Bottle Jug W/ Stopper


Vintage Large Moonshine

Vintage Large Moonshine Whiskey Brown Amber Rootbeer Glass Jug 1 Gallon Duraglas


Glass Personalized Growlers

Glass Personalized Growlers Wine Whiskey Moonshine Beer Free Ship Jugs Bottle


Aafa Antique Blue-white

Aafa Antique Blue-white Banded Stoneware 11 Whiskey Spirits Jug Bottle Jar


Pair Of Vtg

Pair Of Vtg 1947 Glenmore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Jugs


Pint Size Stoneware

Pint Size Stoneware Whiskey Jug Bottled In Bondage I.w.harpie


Vintage One Gallon

Vintage One Gallon Glass Jug Rare Design Whiskey / Water / Milk / Vinegar / Oil


Whisky Jug Bottle Past Prices

Full TitleSelling PriceSold?SoldLocated InTagged As
Retro Vintage Jim Beam Jug Cowboy Whiskey Decanter Bottle Screw Top Hat 81 ? LgeAU $14.38SOLD12/20/2014AustraliaBottles
6 1/2" X 5 1/2" Crudely Made Whiskey / Cider Jug Awesome Glazing$14.99SOLD12/19/2014Medford, NJLiquor
Vintage Leather Bound Glass Souvenir Whiskey Flask Motto Jug / Anco / Humorous$7.15SOLD12/18/2014Greenwood, ARFlasks
Nice Sample Pottery Whiskey Jug With Handles$17.50SOLD12/18/2014Glen Burnie, MDLiquor
Vintage Whiskey Bottle - 1953 - Ceramic Jug - Mccormick - Dickel - Jack Daniels$34.00SOLD12/18/2014Northbrook, ILPre-1970
Meredith's Diamond Club Whiskey Jug Botlle Kt&k China East Liverpool Ohio$76.45SOLD12/18/2014Dayton, OHLiquor
Vintage Henry Mckenna Handmade Kentucky Whiskey Jug With Cork 4/5 Quart$3.99SOLD12/18/2014South Bend, INLiquor
Vintage Stonewear 8" Little Brown Musical Jug~music Whiskey Decanter~bottle$12.49SOLD12/17/2014Capron, ILJugs
Heart Breaker ~ T.f. Bailey Distiller Glass Moonshine Whiskey Jug ~ Ferrum, Va. $18.00SOLD12/17/2014Elizabeth, PALiquor
Vintage 1.75l Crown Royal Bottle Pour Stand Bar Tilting Decanteur Jug Whiskey$12.50SOLD12/17/2014Parkersburg, WVPre-1970
Jim Beam New Mexico Decanter Jug Bottle Empty Statehood Whiskey Bourbon $9.99SOLD12/17/2014Forsyth, MOJim Beam
1974 Mccormick Platte Valley 4/5 Qt Corn Whiskey Crock Jug Liquor Bottle 99 Cent$0.99SOLD12/16/2014Sylmar, CA1970-Now
Vintage 1953 Whiskey Bottle - Stoneware Jug - Mccormick - Dickel - Jack Daniels$9.99SOLD12/16/2014Beloit, WIPre-1970
Antique Hand Painted Moon Shine Whiskey Jug Cash Family Erwin Tennessee 1945 $24.99SOLD12/16/2014Rockwall, TXLiquor
Scarce 1/2 Gallon Rock Island, Illinois Stoneware Whiskey Jug - Simon Lewis$152.73SOLD12/16/2014Port Angeles, WALiquor
Vintage Wine And Whiskey Jug Large$16.53SOLD12/16/2014Riverhead, NYWine
Mccormick Platte Valley Straight Corn Whiskey Bottle 1.75l Jug Stoneware Liquor$35.00SOLD12/16/2014Shawnee, KSBottles, Decanters & Jugs
Vintage Black Americana Man Figure Bar Whiskey Bottle Pottery Jug Jungle Juice$20.00SOLD12/15/2014Middleton, WIJugs
Antique Primitive Pottery Miniature Old Continental Whiskey Bottle Crock Jug $11.00SOLD12/15/2014Greenville, WVJugs
1/4 Gallon George Dickel Whiskey Jug Leather Strap-great Water Pipe/ Bong Base!$9.50SOLD12/14/2014Peachland, NCLiquor
Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Jug Bottled By Mccormick Distilling Co Usa 1 Pint$17.99SOLD12/14/2014East Windsor, CTBottles, Decanters & Jugs
Mccormick Platte-valley Straight Corn Whiskey Stoneware 1/2 Pint Jug/bottle W/st$4.99SOLD12/14/2014LakelandBottles, Decanters & Jugs
Cripple Creek Advertising Whiskey Jug Saloon Colo Colorado Double Label$999.00SOLD12/14/2014Rawlins, WYLiquor
Chas S Gove Stoneware Mini Sample Jug + Blown Glass Whiskey Bottle Old Antique $51.01SOLD12/14/2014Farmingdale, MELiquor
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Jug & Glass Decanter Vintage Bottle Daniels$66.00SOLD12/14/2014Phoenix, AZJack Daniel’s
Antique Spring Lake Sour Mash Bourbon K T & T China Whiskey Jug Klein Bro Bottle$53.79SOLD12/14/2014Leo, INLiquor
Stone Ware Whiskey Jug$20.95SOLD12/14/2014Pendleton, INLiquor
Stoneware Whiskey Jug Transferware Auld Lang Syne Cleveland Pure Old Barley Malt$111.38SOLD12/14/2014Utica, NYLiquor
Royal Doulton Small Character Toby Jug - Mr Pickwick - Jim Beam Whisky Bottle £22.01SOLD12/14/2014United KingdomCharacter/ Toby Jugs, Jugs
Platte Valley Corn Whiskey Jugs$18.00SOLD12/14/2014Sheldon, IALiquor
Vintage Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Bottle Crock Uisge Baugh Ireland Jug $9.99SOLD12/13/2014Fairview, PABottles, Decanters & Jugs
Very Early Pottery Nice Salt Glazed Stoneware Bottle Old Hand Made Whiskey Jug $35.00SOLD12/13/2014Morro Bay, CAOther, Primitives
Vintage Large Moonshine Whiskey Brown Amber Rootbeer Glass Jug - Nice Coin Jar$33.00SOLD12/13/2014Washington, PALiquor
Vtg Nude Novelty Wine Bottle Whisky Jug Stopper Pourer Pin Up Girl Liquor Erotic$15.50SOLD12/13/2014Palmdale, CAPourers, Stoppers
Rare - John J. Finn Glass Whiskey Jug Bottle, Harrisburg, Pa. - Purple - 1/2 Gal$56.55SOLD12/13/2014Morganton, NCLiquor, Bottles, Decanters & Jugs
The Greybeard Heather Dew Scotch Whisky Stoneware Jug $16.00SOLD12/13/2014Lawrenceville, GALiquor
"the Greybeard" Heather Dew Scotch Whiskey Liquor Pottery Jug Bottle Scotland$9.99SOLD12/13/2014Norwalk, CTLiquor
Old Vtg Edinburgh Scotland Stoneware Jug Bottle Whiskey Soda Beer$33.16SOLD12/13/2014White Marsh, MDBottles, Decanters & Jugs
The Cream Of Old Scotch Whiskey "bonnie Castle" Stoneware Jug$14.99SOLD12/12/2014OcalaLiquor, Jugs
Vintage Gooderham's Little Brown Jug - 1963 Canadian Whiskey Bottle - EmptyCAD $29.95SOLD12/12/2014CanadaLiquor
A Tennessee Legend Pictorial Old Bottles And Jugs Jack Daniels Whiskey$10.00SOLD12/12/2014Santa Fe, NMNonfiction
Vtg W.j Gordy Miniature Whiskey Jug Bottle Georgia Art Pottery Wj$86.10SOLD12/11/2014Lehigh AcresOther American Pottery
Rare Mini Whiskey Liquor Stoneware Advertising Jug Louisville Ky Dated 1900$355.00SOLD12/11/2014Cordova, MDLiquor, Stoneware
Jim Hoog's Corn Whiskey Mini Jug - Poplar Bluff, Mo.$227.75SOLD12/10/2014El Dorado Springs, MOOther
Antique Salt Glaze Stoneware Beer Bottle Primitive Whiskey Jug Crock$24.95SOLD12/09/2014Katonah, NYBeer
Jack Daniels - A Tennessee Legend & Old Bottles/jugs 1992 New 1st/1st - Whiskey$6.00SOLD12/09/2014Lawrenceville, GANonfiction
Antique Old Collectible Long John Scotch Whiskey Ceramic Bottle Jug$15.00SOLD12/09/2014Summerfield, NCOther
2 Straight Corn Whiskey Jugs Bottles 1/2 & Full Pint Platte Valley Mccormick Mo$9.99SOLD12/09/2014Denver, COLiquor
Vintage Glen Garry Stoneware Scotch Whisky Bottle Jug,scotland, Ss Pierce Empty$32.00SOLD12/09/2014Peabody, MABottles, Decanters & Jugs
Vintage Tullamore Dew Stoneware Jug Blended Irish Whisky Bottle (jug) (empty)$17.00SOLD12/08/2014Bridgman, MIIrish